World leader in inflatable & deployable space structures

L'Garde, Inc. (Tustin, CA) is the mission prime contractor, responsible for overall mission design, development, and operations. L'Garde is the industry leader in developing solar sail technology, based on its proprietary inflatable/deployable systems.

L'Garde has a 40-year heritage of successful space missions, deploying over 150 inflatable objects into the space environment.

L'Garde Mission Objectives
  • Demonstrate segmented deployment of a solar sail
    • Verified with onboard imaging system
    • Data relayed to ground
  • Demonstrate attitude control plus passive stability and trim using beam-tip vanes
    • Calibration effort will verify controllability and stability
  • Execute a navigation sequence with mission-capable accuracy
    • Sunjammer will be flown on a navigation sequence that future users are interested in.
  • Fly to and Possibly Maintain Position at sub-L1 and/or Pole Sitter Positions
    • Real time Infusion. This mission profile will demonstrate the validity of using solar sails to monitor space weather at pseudo Lagrange points.
    • Data will be relayed to the ground and analyzed by NOAA, UCL, and ICL